Rockingham County GOP

HQ Location: 221 Piedmont Street Reidsville NC
(336) 612-3735                      

Rockingham County Federation of Republican Women

The North Carolina Federation of Republican Women, with over 2900 members, provides support for all local clubs, presents informative programs at its quarterly meetings and sponsors polling schools, campaign management schools and candidate schools.



To educate women politically. If we are to build a vibrant, winning Republican Party in North Carolina, it is of the utmost importance that Republican women be knowledgeable about issues, candidates, Party organizational structure, and different areas of political action. We do our best to keep “on top” of what is going on locally, statewide and nationally.

To provide a volunteer work force at all levels of Party activity. This includes working for candidates, helping with office work at GOP Headquarters, poll-watching, telephoning, precinct surveying, working at Republican Party fundraising events, etc.

To raise money for the Republican Party. The profits from our fund raisers are used to help promote candidates through both donations and mailings as well as other Republican needs.

The Rockingham County Federated Republican Women’s Club is an integral part of the Republican effort in Rockingham County. RCFRWC members are justifiably proud of the contributions, growth and success of the Republican Party in this area. We want you to know that you will be most welcome should you decide to join our group.


RCFRWC Membership is open to registered Republican women and can be either Active or Associate (for those who live outside North Carolina or who belong to another club). Registered Republican men may join RCFRWC as Associate Members. When you join, you will also become a member of the NFRW and the NCFRW. Dues are $25.00 annually for both Active and Associate memberships.

To become a Member make your PERSONAL CHECK of $25.00 Payable to: RCFRWC

Mail in your Payment and Application Form or Contact one of our Officers.

Mail To:


Kay Diehl

P.O. Box 1282

Reidsville, N.C.  27323-1282

Application Form

Date: _______________________________

Title: Miss __ Ms__ Mrs __ Mr__


Address: ____________________________

City: ________________________________

State: _______ Zip: ____________________

Home Phone: ________________________

Work Phone: _________________________

E-Mail: ______________________________

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Are you currently a member of any other

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President - Miriam Aikens

Vice Pres. –  Judy Hoffman

Secretary  –  Sherry Hensley


Treasurer  -  Kay Diehl


Communications - Nancy Woody