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HQ Location: 221 Piedmont Street Reidsville NC
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New NC Senate 30, House 65, and House 91 Maps

If you do not get updates from the Rockingham County Board of Elections, please call Tina Cardwell at 336-342-8107 and she will add you to her email list.

The Following Offices are up for Election in 2018:

U.S. House of Representatives – 6th (1 Seat)      Currently: Mark Walker (R)

N.C. State Senate – 26th (1 Seat)                            Currently: Phil Berger Sr (R)

N.C. House of Representatives – 65th (1 Seat)    Currently: Bert Jones (R) 

N.C. House of Representatives – 91st (1 Seat)     Currently: Kyle Hall (R)

District Attorney – 17A (1 Seat)                               Currently: OPEN / Gov. Appointment 

Board of Commissioners (2 Seats)                          Currently: Craig Travis (R) / Keith Mabe          

Supreme Court Associate Justice (1 Seat) Jackson 

Court of Appeals Judge (1 Seat) Arrowood 

Court of Appeals Judge (1 Seat) Calabria 

Court of Appeals Judge (1 Seat) Elmore 

Board of Education – At Large (3 Seats)                

Soil & Water Supervisor (2 Seats) 

Important Dates

If your interested in having candidates attend any events or if you become aware of any events please notify the Rockingham GOP so we can add it to the calendar.  

August 10th, Car Show in Downtown Reidsville 

August 30th at 7:00 PM, ExCom Meeting at the GOP HQ 

August 18th: Federated Women meeting to discuss Meet & Greets for the candidates.  If you have any ideas or want to help, please contact Mela Tucker or Violet James. They will be glad to have the help.

Sept. 22d: Speaking of help...don't forget about our September 22 Family Fun Fest at Farris Park. We still need volunteers for the softball game and hopefully, will have runners in case you can hit, but not run. This is just a FUN event! The putt putt will be open and the paddle boats on the lake will be accessible as will the bike trails and walking trails. The Park will open at 11, with softball game at 3 o'clock and the infamous barbecue of our Grillmaster himself, Tyres Tatum. Tickets are being printed as we speak. The cost for the park and meal will be $10.00. You will be hearing more about this event soon.

Lastly, Dinesh D'Souza's new movie, Death of A Nation is playing at the Red Cinemas. It has been suggested that we meet to see this movie together and then share a meal afterward. The latest the movie starts is 4:30. The movie lasts 1 hr 49 minutes. It has also been suggested we gather to have dinner at Bravos at Friendly Center. Village Tavern would have been a choice...but the owner donated and supports Senator Berger's, he will do without this Republican's patronage!  If you are interested in the movie and/or having dinner as a group, please let me know