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HQ Location: 221 Piedmont Street Reidsville NC
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New NC Senate 30, House 65, and House 91 Maps

Remember that the filing period begins on February 12 thru February 28. These elections coming up are so very important! If you do not get updates from the RC Board of Elections, please call Tina Cardwell at 336-342-8107 and she will add you to her email list.

In 2018, our word to each other is SUCCESS. This past year has seen the Rockingham County Republican Party thru some successes and we have had some disappointments as well. We shall not let disappointments deter us from our goals! We are God-fearing; we are Conservatives on the fiscal fronts, we are determined in our efforts to help form a good, solid future for our children! We begin by filling every vacant elected office with like minded people, people that realize the crossroads where we stand. Are you still standing there? It's time to make a decision and move forward. Reach out, join hands, we can accomplish much for the future, but only if we work together. Become part of the movement! 

The Following Offices are up for Election in 2018:

U.S. House of Representatives – 6th (1 Seat)      Currently: Mark Walker (R)

N.C. State Senate – 26th (1 Seat)                            Currently: Phil Berger Sr (R)

N.C. House of Representatives – 65th (1 Seat)    Currently: Bert Jones (R) 

N.C. House of Representatives – 91st (1 Seat)     Currently: Kyle Hall (R)

District Attorney – 17A (1 Seat)                               Currently: OPEN / Gov. Appointment 

Board of Commissioners (2 Seats)                          Currently: Craig Travis (R) / Keith Mabe          

Clerk of Superior Court (1 Seat)                               Currently: Mark Pegram (D) 

Sheriff (1 Seat)                                                              Currently: Sam Page (R) 

Supreme Court Associate Justice (1 Seat) Jackson 

Court of Appeals Judge (1 Seat) Arrowood 

Court of Appeals Judge (1 Seat) Calabria 

Court of Appeals Judge (1 Seat) Elmore 

District Court Judge – 17A (1 Seat) Freeman seat 

District Court Judge – 17A (1 Seat) Strader seat            

Board of Education – At Large (3 Seats)                

Soil & Water Supervisor (2 Seats) 

Important Dates

February 22: Fundraiser for Kyle Hall at the Mad Bean in Madison, speaker will be Congressman Mark Walker

February 23: NRA Banquet 

March 3:  Coffee and Conversation with Clarence Henderson as speaker

March 24: 2018 Convention at RCC, ADT Building. Credentials start at 8:30 a.m. ALL Republicans are welcome

April 14: 6TH District Convention in Alamance County, Smith Elementary School

May 19: Reagan Helms Dinner at Rockingham Middle School at 6:00

June 8,9,10 NC Convention in Hickory, NC